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Microcrystalline diamond by static pressure method is of high purity with nice crystal shape of hexahedron and octahedron, widely used in precision cutting and polishing.
Large scale production
Microcrystalline diamond series are the main products of the company; it compensates the lack of production of raw single crystal diamond particle in the world. Grit size: 200#~1000#; used for precision cutting and polishing and improve the manufacturing technology and production efficiency.
Quality control and management
Sino-crystal controls the products from R&D to raw materials, synthesis, purification and shape selection. Strict standards are set with complete quality management system for customers’ requirements. Stability and coherence of products are controlled.
Production facility and technique
Advanced machines are applied with independent purification technique and instruments. Not only the fineness and precision of high grade microcrystalline diamond are achieved but also improve the production efficiency with low cost.
Grit size and grade
 grit size
200/230 230/270 270/325 325/400 400/500 500/600 600/800 800/1000
Performance and characteristics
Microcrystalline diamond is of hexahedron and octahedron with regular shape. Inclusions, bubbles and impurities are few. Impact resistance and thermal stability are high. Damage on work surface is reduced with improved product quality and utilization rate.
Used for grinding and polishing of engineering ceramic, ruby, sapphire, polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon etc.
Manufacture resin bonded abrasives, finished steel and cemented carbide etc.
Applicable for electroplated diamond wheel, ultrathin diamond cutting disc, microcrystalline glass, cemented carbide cutter, compound superhard material cutter and ceramic.
Used for manufacturing of electroplated/resin bonded diamond saw for cutting of monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, sapphire and silicon bar. High speed cutting and smooth cutting surface with precision and evenness are achieved with low cost of materials and processing quantity.
Used as raw materials of high grad PDC, improve the stacking density of powder, increasing the unit amount of diamond in PDC. Diamond particle bonding are improved with better wear resistance, impact resistance and thermal resistance.